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23 — ‘Ouroboroseans’ by Setsuko Adachi

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to download this issue, please click here: ‘Ouroboroseans’ by Setsuko Adachi



Setsuko Adachi is an associate professor in the Department of Information Studies at Kogakuin University, Tokyo. She obtained her MA in Comparative Literature from Tokyo University; and her main research interests are identity formation and cultural systems analysis. Recent publications include: ‘Undermining Coexistence: Japanese Discursive Formations Related to Empathy’(The Need to Belong: Perpetual Conflicts and Temporary Stability, Albin Wagner and Tina Rahimy eds. Oxford: Interdisciplinary Press, 2015), ‘Flower Fires’ (Berfrois, September 25, 2018, and in One Imperative, issue 20 A Clutch of Unfurling Magenta, January Issue, January 7, 2019), and ‘Border’ (Queen Mob’s Teahouse: teh Book, Russell Bennetts ed. Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2019)