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Michael Kearney

Long ago in New York, Mike was a sort of musician-poet of absolutely no acclaim, but he had a very good time.  After getting married, he lived in Japan, for a while; then went to Ireland to do a PhD because he wanted to make comprehensible the things that were going on in his head.  Now back in Japan, and having generated a happy family (shameless Ramones reference), he wants to enjoy thinking again.  He is very interested in non-mainstream cultural activities and prefers being on ice because it is pure and easier than walking.

Sean Smith

Sean is an artist and critical sport theorist living in Toronto. He is currently a doctoral candidate in the media and communications program at the European Graduate School and a lecturer at various universities in Canada. His doctoral research includes the Global Village Basketball project, which networks pickup basketball games simultaneously being played around the world into one aggregated meta-game ( sportsBabel is his weblog of research notes and other works (

Pearlyn Quan

After 5 years in the fashion industry, it’s easy to amass a great number of people you’d like to murder.  That’s where Pearlyn found herself after moving from Singapore to London—with the personal obligation to set the score straight in black and white.  And while meting out this exquisite vengeance, she realised there were a lot more stories she wanted to tell.  She holds Betty & Veronica, Robert Crumb, David Lapham, Chester Brown, Charles Burns, Jim Woodring and Renee French personally responsible for showing her the joys of sex, violence, blood and gore; evidence of which can be found at

Jeane Reveendran

Jeane, also known as Jeano Jalapeno, a self-appointed nick-cum-rapper name has been writing since she procured the skills to use a pen. Ever since then she has enjoyed expressing herself in methods other than hand signals, grunting and occasional speech. Jalapeno is now pursuing a Musical Theatre degree at Lasalle, and hopes to conquer all domains of the art world, except art, unless the world suddenly decides that stick figure drawings are genius. The end- If you’d like to know more about her, don’t hesitate to stop her on the street with questions.

Kairong Ku

Kairong is a multidisciplinary creative who works primary in the areas of art direction, graphic design and photography. She has worked with a diverse range of clients, from press, media and web to electronics, medical and institutions. She is always looking for new and interesting projects to work on as well as collaborations with like-minded creatives or companies. Kairong also co-founded MutantStyle, a creative collective focusing on interesting art and design projects and a small t-shirt collection.

Check out her works at

Alice Renez Tay

always on the road, in search of something that never seems to last. someone who is often too curious for everything and hardly patient for anything. her day job remains as a susser and some might call it an environmental scanner.

Jeremy Fernando

Jeremy is a scribbler who believes that thinking occurs in the gap between the reader and the text. As such, he attempts to explore various media of thinking including writing, film, music, and art. His, more than thirty, books include Reading Blindly, Living with Art, Writing Death, in fidelity, and resisting art. His writing has also been featured in magazines and journals such as Arte al Límite, Berfrois, CTheory, Cenobio, Entropy, Full Bleed, positions, Philosophy World Democracy, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Qui Parle, Testo e Senso, TimeOut, VICE, and Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine, amongst others; and has been translated into the Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Serbian. Exploring other media has led him to film, music, and the visual arts; and his work has been exhibited in Seoul, Vienna, Hong Kong, and Singapore. He has been invited to perform a reading at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin in September 2016; and to deliver a series of performance-talks at the 2018 and 2020 editions of the Bienal de la Imagen en Movimiento in Buenos Aires. He is the general editor of Delere Press, and is the writer-at and co-founder of People Table Tales. He is based in both Singapore and at

Jocelyn Chua

Jocelyn is a published writer and solo performer currently based in Singapore. Her work engages with aspects of devised theatre practice, including the choreography of movement with text, physical theatre and performing autobiography. She is currently a proud member of Magdalena (Singapore) Play Pen – a local women’s theatre community. For more information about her works, visit

Lim Lee Ching

Ching is a Lecturer at the SIM University, Singapore, where he teaches poetry. His research interests include: literary Englishes, Modernism and violence, literary aesthetics, the Canon, non-ideological cultural theories, and language and the oral tradition. He is the editor of Peter van de Kamp’s poetry collection “Scratch & Sniff” (2010).

Brendon Fernandez

Brendon is an actor by profession. He is sometimes in films but most often in theatre, where no matter how hard he works the product is always called “play”. Twice a week, too early in the morning, he goes to Republic Poly to not-teach his students. Most nights (except Tuesdays) he is a Draenei Shaman. He writes here in solidarity with his friend, Jeremy Fernando, championing alternative means of expression for Eurasians who are not radio DJs.

Suzy Wui

Suzy is an avid designer with a weakness for all things pretty. She is currently pursuing a BFA in Visual Communication at NTU School of Art, Design & Media and has recently returned from an exchange programme at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in US. She is into hand drawn illustrations, British humour, and green tea ice cream.

Paoi Wilmer

Paoi completed her PhD at Royal Holloway, University of London in 2003 and has since worked as a full-time lecturer in the Department of Foreign Languages & Literature at National Taiwan University. Her publications include academic as well as creative writing, and in her free time she enjoys drawing and experimenting with digital art.

Julia Hölzl

Julia is a theorist based in Berlin and Vienna. After studying Political Science and Peace Studies in Austria and Spain, she turned towards philosophy and obtained her PhD from the European Graduate School (Saas-Fee/Switzerland). She is the author of “Beyond Eden [distorting symmetree]” and “Frieden in der (Post-) Moderne. Versuch einer Verwindung” (both 2007), and “Transience: A poesis, of dis/appearance” (2010).

Anu Selva

Anu is a graduate student in philosophy with a penchant for french philosophers, spanish poets, british bands, nubian princesses and thai food.

Breakbeat Theory

A pioneer in live electronica, Breakbeat Theory attempts to meld the human soul with a digital heartbeat. We create various hybridizations of live music and sampled aural textures, as representations of man and machine to channel messages of humanity, hope and despair.

Live performaces are built upon spontaneous interaction between members, creating feel changes and mood shifts through sonic chicanery. With inspiration from peers such as Lamb, Amon Tobin and Photek, Breakbeat Theory seeks to destroy preconceived musical dogmas and inspire fresh alternatives to live representations of electronic music.

Breakbeat Theory are:

BD Boey Doug KH

And we can be found at

Su Cui

Cui obtained her PhD from the Media and Communications Department, Goldsmiths, University of London, and she now teaches at the University of Southampton. She also guest lectures at Central Saint Martins, College of Art & Design, on the semiosis of advertising and graphic design. After completing her Masters on chronic poverty and humanitarianism, she turned to 19th century famines in Bengal, India focusing specifically on the politics of trauma, the ontological problems of memory and the question of ethical response.

Mark Brantner

Mark’s life is in transition right now. He is a Visiting Assistant Professor at State University of New York at Binghamton, in the Writing Initiative and has finished his dissertation on ‘Voice, Psychoanalysis, and Rhetoric’, earning his PhD from The University of South Carolina. He’d love your help in moving all his stuff.

Alexis Cheong

Alexis is a fresh communications graduate with a passion for visual design and web technology. Started coding her own website at 12 and has never stopped tinkering since. Loves food photography and eating subject afterwards. Can be lured into projects at

Yanyun Chen

Yanyun swims with animations, illustrations, and set designs. She enjoys lying on grass and scribbling connections between sporadic burst of thoughts- like constellations. A sheesha in one hand and a sketch book in the other, and she’s out to roam the world. One may find her scribbles at

A. Staley Groves

A. Staley Groves is a writer, musician, and artist studying media philosophy with the European Graduate School and teaches in the arts and humanities. He has authored one book “Imaginality: Conversant and Eschaton” published by Atropos Press. He lives in Iowa, USA.

Ashlynn Sum

Subconsciously influenced by Darrin Stevens in ‘Bewitched’ when she was 9, Ashlynn is now an advertising copywriter. But really, writing is a way to support her addiction… to music. When she isn’t grasping for the right words, fighting a neverending battle with spelling and grammar, bopping to heriPod, playing records or daydreaming about being a rockstar, she can be found writing accidentally morbid short stories.

Groove with Ash on Or send a shout to to collaborate with her.

Geoshino Ollscia

Geoshino Ollscia was born in the United States and received training throughout the States and Europe at various institutions including Stanford University and The European Graduate School. He currently lives in New York City and teaches in Harlem. For contact, please e-mail

Sara Chong

With a pack of sketchbooks and a bottomless horn of eternally-cold beer, Sara travels the worlds of the subconscious searching for stories and meeting creatures yet unknown. All she really wanted to do was just draw, draw and draw, but along the way she did 3 years worth of animation studies, stopmotion in particular, and so now all she really wants to do now is draw, draw, draw and play with puppets. Sara lives by a religion of phone doodles and believes that everything is inevitably connected.

Rebecca G. Yeo

Rebecca currently lives in Singapore, although her spirit sometimes wanders across Africa where she lived for twelve years. She is constantly indulging her love for the arts, and has performed in various theatrical productions, both locally and in S.Africa. Besides being a voice-over talent for radio commercials and independent projects, she has dabbled in film and doodled for good causes. With a background in teaching in Montessori and Waldorf schools, as well as a passion for the theatre, she has managed to combine the two as a Speech and Drama teacher at the Julia Gabriel Centre for Learning. When she is not flicking magic dust off her travelling shoes, she enjoys weaving stories, singing a tune or two and painting her skies.

Michelle Andrea Wan

What started as a keen interest in arts & crafts that began as a kid, Michelle has since developed an obsession with producing immaculate works. Hailing from the BAs of Visual Communications from RMIT and English Literature from NUS, she is now based at Epigram. Her design aesthetic is one that favours simplicity over clutter. Her works include Fridays with Philip, a collection of rhetoric by Philip Lim, the book cover for Boom, by local playwright Jean Tay; and she is currently working on Cooking for The President, featuring Peranakan recipes & memoirs by Wee Eng Hwa, daughter of former president Wee Kim Wee. Besides being aesthetically-sound and typographically-compulsive, Michelle loves her coffee, books and weekly sessions on the rockclimbing walls.

She is contactable at

Jiaying Sim

Currently confined by the ruthless chains of tertiary education; she understands that she will probably look back and realise that it was not all that torturous once she steps into the working society. Happiest when allowed to scribble notes of poetry, in the comfort of her own space and time, she hopes to be as quirky as Neil Gaiman and as sensitive in her writing as Jeanette Winterson; most comfortable and carefree when playing the beautiful game of soccer.

Kenny Png

Born in 1979 to a family that wanted another daughter, Kenny got to a good start favoring dresses and Barbie dolls.  With his obvious inadequacies compared to his sports loving, Amazonian sisters, Kenny took to books, music and theatre.

A responsible adult now, Kenny scrapes a living directing television while blowing everything else on his films, music and ridiculous guitar collection.  Kenny’s works can be seen and heard on AXN, ANIMAX, MTV, CNA, MEDIACORP, DISCOVERY ASIA, DISNEY CHANNEL ASIA as well as festivals such as Sidewalk Cinema (Vienna), Sexpression (Hong Kong), Operation Automaton (Singapore) and Seoul FX Radio Festival.

Creatively, Kenny strives to be as multi-faceted a wanker as possible. In his spare time, he heads The Enigmatic Army, a creative collective comprising of writers, musicians, film makers and artists from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and India. He is also the co-author of On Happiness with Michelle Andrea Wan & Jeremy Fernando. 

Ling Kai

Moving, intriguing, “freaking amazing,” awesome, and soulful are just some of the adjectives critics and fans have used to describe the refreshingly original songwriting, and vocal talents, of Ling Kai. As a regular performer in the independent Singapore music scene, she is recognized as an intuitive musician, with a playful and unassuming, stage presence. Ling signed with Australian label Lempicka Records in May 2008, and released her six-track album Honesty in November. She can be found at both and

Tammy Ho Lai-Ming

Tammy Ho Lai-Ming is a Hong Kong-born poet and (neo-)Victorianist currently based in London, UK. She co-edits Cha: An Asian Literary Journal. More at

Belynda Sim

Account Planner by day, pseudo artist by night. Queen of forbidden mixes. Closet sci-fi freak who’s obsessed with feet, typefaces, tragic heroines, instrumental hip-hop, and opera. Highly allergic to high-pitched voices and sports.

Victor Tang

Victor started his musical journey when he started learning the piano at 3 and by 7 was chosen to be the main pianist for the annual Yamaha concert. He decided to start his professional music career 4 years ago and has since performed at venues like Paulaner Brahaus, Balaclava, Traders Hotel, Park Royal Hotel, Bar Stop, Mandarin Hotel, Acid Bar, Angelshare and Harry’s; not to mention the countless private events throughout the years. In 2006 Victor went on tour in Australia playing his own compositions in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne and was the music arranger for the esplanade prodiuction “Do Not Disturb”. He currently has residencies at Wala Wala, Club Maska, Molly Malones, Mulligan’s and Jewel Box. Having being in the live music scene for a little while now, Victor has an idea of what audiences are looking out for: a meaningful and sincere performance and that’s what he strives for every time he goes on stage. With his unique voice you are assured of an inspiring time whenever you catch him singing, be it at the void deck or the patio and if he’s up for it he might even sing you of his his beautiful originals so watch out for him!

Wesley Leon Aroozoo

Wesley Leon Aroozoo graduated from Nanyang Technological University and is now pursuing his Master of Fine Arts at NYU Tisch Asia. In 2010, he was selected as one of Tokyo Filmex’s Next Masters. He is part of 13 Little Pictures ( and his works have been screened at over 80 festivals such as the International Film Festival Rotterdam and the Paris Festival of Different and Experimental Cinemas.

Julie O’yang

Julie O’Yang is a novelist and visual artist based in The Netherlands. Born and brought up in China, she came to Europe in 1990s to study at the University of London. Then she read Japanese Language and Culture at the University of Leiden, Holland, and Tokyo/Nagasaki, Japan. Her ficiton, short fiction, poetry and articles have appeared in magazines and newspapers worldwide. She is known for her unique literary voice both daring and challengingly contemporary, and she is a forerunner in media reforms and 21th century digital

Joel Gn

Joel is an East Asian geek who indulges in comics, anime and stage plays. He also spends his waking hours dreaming, writing, acting and quite questionably, teaching at the National University of Singapore, but secretly hopes to build his own recording label and talent agency one day. His letter box is located at

debbie chia -- bio

Debbie Chia

Multi-dimensional creative from Singapore with a love for words and music. Immersed in electronic music for more than 11 years as a DJ and record label owner, Debbie is now based in Berlin. She’s online at:

Setsuko Adachi

Setsuko Adachi has no rhythm. She is absolutely horrible with grammar. She has limited vocabulary but … she likes to scribble. No style, she simply scribbles along with her atrocious sense of rhythm, and this time, with the gentle support of her good friend, she became arrogant enough to contribute a scribble. She justifies that no rhythm may be a rhythm worthwhile. 

Elisabeth Howland

vidabierta: open life. 

Melissa Thomas

Mel likes to eat, cook, read and watch food and travel documentaries.She feels at home with art and photography and needs to focus more on the important things in life—drawing and painting. Looking at the moment to purchase good quality paint, canvas, easel, and a camera.

Zhang Jieqiang

Jieqiang is currently an MA candidate with the Division of English at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He divides his time between living in Singapore and in his head. 


William W. Lyles Jr

William is an award winning independent writer from Charlotte, NC where he attends university at UNC of Charlotte as an English major. He is the author of Scenes from a ’69 Dead Sled, Electric Ladyland and The Mephisto Adieu. His work includes various short stories, novels and anthropological articles that have been published in major magazines to include Brave New World. He has accepted the Anthropological Writing Award in 2011 and was nominated for UNC First Year Writer of the Year Award. 


James Branch

James in the course leader for the MA Communication Design course at the Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton. He is also a student on the MRes in Arts and Cultural Research programme at Brighton University. His final project explores the relationship between place/location, digital information, and graphic media. Prior to his roles in teaching, he worked as a graphic designer for several design agencies, architectural organisations and publishing companies in London. 


Carmina Castro

Carmina has the largest collection of imaginary things. They quiver in the dark and whisper odd, lengthy propositions; propositions largely ignored by her almost equally imaginary attention span. She hopes to eventually do something useful with these things but in the meantime, she does design, tea and theatre.


Jacqueline Chua

Jacqueline is an Environmental Studies major, who in her free time enjoys doodling, eating, playing games and making bad jokes. She is currently trying to re-learn Flash animation and runs a small and insignificant cartoon blog at


Adeline Chang

Adeline fancies herself somewhat of a closet-pragmatic gypsy — upon birth immediately embarking on a lifelong adventure of finding inspiration and making meaning. Fiercely independent. Adores people and being alone. Currently an undergraduate student teetering between European Studies, Sociology and Philosophy. Finally a perfectionist, which must explain why she’s absolutely crazy for cats.


Farhana Jaafar

Farhana is a visual experimentalist who is fascinated by motions of society and notions of duality. Her art expresses her thoughts on the relationship between society, design and art. Having a multidisciplinary background, her works reflect a mixed medium of raw material culture and extensive use of digital art such as motion graphics, abstract scans, videography and photography. 

pavan mano

Pavan Mano

Pavan deems himself an accidental writer who functions best when accompanied by a good bottle of wine. He is allegedly pursuing a degree in English Language at the National University of Singapore and harbours a mild interest in stories of continental absurdity – or, European history. When he isn’t semi-coherently stringing words together, he can be found playing ‘Fetch!’ with his three dogs. 


Tan Jingliang

Jingliang is a young filmmaker from Singapore actively contributing to the local independent filmmaking scene. Her short films have been selected for showcase at various festivals in Singapore, Boston, Manila, Bangkok, and Rotterdam. She was the recipient of the Nanyang Scholarship from the Nanyang Technological University in 2009, in support of her BFA studies in filmmaking, and of the Short Film Grant from the Media Development Authority of Singapore for the production of her graduating film, The Transplants (2013).  


Ho Shengjuan

Shengjuan enjoys illustrating whimsical animals during her free time. Her favourites to doodle are bears from another planet, and a bunny from earth.

Juli Crockett

Juli Crockett

Alabama-born Juli Crockett is a bona fide Renaissance woman: playwright, theater director, retired (undefeated) professional boxer, ordained minister, Doctor of Philosophy, singer, songwriter, and leader of the alt-country/Americana genre-defying band The Evangenitals. Published works include Void Creation: Theater and the Faith of Signifying Nothing (Atropos Press), [or, the whale] (Delere Press), and excerpts of a new play, Saint Simone, appear in the collection I Might Be the Person You Are Talking To (Padua Playwrights Press). She lives in Montecito Heights, CA with her husband, composer Michael Feldman, their son Thelonious, a tortoise, and the family cat, Žižek. 


Michael Katsuyasu Kearney

Michael Katsuyasu Kearney is a high school student on Long Island, New York. He was born in Limerick, Ireland; moved to Tachikawa, Japan, when he was two; then headed to New York when he was eleven. He is interested in many things: art, music, ice hockey, philosophy, physics, literature, mathematics, psychology, social systems … he is not sure where he is going, but he is enjoying the journey. 

christine fernando

Christine Fernando

“It’s goodbye for now, but not forever” (Mae West) 


Sarah-Tabea Sammel

Sarah-Tabea Sammel is a multi-camera Director, Writer and Film Scholar. She works as a Storyteller across Drama, Documentary, Animation, Flash Fiction and Poetry, and does also some Marketing and Creative Consulting stuff. The asker of questions is a shooter of images, an enthusiast of shared moments and an appreciator of witty wonders. The German globe hopper works bilingually across Europe and Asia and is part of the Singaporean artist collaborative Alien & Turtle. She probably has apples in her bag. 


Adibah Mustafa

more conscientious a reader than writer; still, the pool of thoughts tilting this way and that in here spills out in the end – often tangential and always tardy. i respond likewise via … should one care for an odd splash or two. 



Jaina’s been drawing and painting with her mummy since she was one. Her favourite medium at the moment is play doh. 

junni chen

Chen Junni

Chen Junni graduated from the National University of Singapore, learning — along the way — about art, critical theory, and various odd bits and bobs of knowledge that she turns into various essays and bits of writing on whim. Interested in the art of Singapore, and in historicising the art of Singapore itself, she currently works at the National Gallery Singapore. 

dana dawud

Dana Dawud

Making “art” has helped her survive college. Dana is an Engineering graduate but art has been her sole companion and interest for over six years. Illustrations and writing are a way of thinking “out loud”, a visual exploration of the relationships between spaces, colors, lines, and texts. She started to question her use of language upon the realisation that she expresses herself in English whilst her “native tongue” is Arabic; painting has helped her turn alienating letters into aesthetic abstractions. Dana is Jordanian and currently based in UAE.

ps: her real dream in life is to start an emo band

website: blog : 

malini sur (photo)

Malini Sur

Malini Sur is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Culture and Society and teaches anthropology at Western Sydney University. She holds a PhD from the University of Amsterdam (2012). Her research addresses three lines of inquiry – agrarian borders, urban space, and environment. As an anthropologist, she researches these themes historically and with keen attention to visual representation. She has conducted fieldwork in Bangladesh and India, and with South Asian asylum seekers in Belgium. Photographs from Malini’s fieldwork on South Asia’s borders have been exhibited in Amsterdam, Berlin, Bonn, Chiang Mai, Gottingen, Heidelberg, Kathmandu, and Munich. Her first documentary film Life Cycle, about the politics of cycling in the city of Kolkata, has been screened at the City-Mojo Film Festival (Perth 2017); the Australian Anthropological Society (Sydney 2016); The 4th Peoples Film Festival (Kolkata 2016); the Centre for Studies in the Social Sciences Calcutta (Kolkata 2016); and The Substation (Singapore 2016). Malini regularly walks along the Parramatta River. 

céline coderey

Céline Coderey

Céline is a Psychologist and Anthropologist by training and is currently appointed as Research Fellow at the Asia Research Institute of the National University of Singapore. For the last thirteen years she has been working in Myanmar studying the plurality of healing practices existing there and issuing from Theravada Buddhism, divination, traditional medicine, alchemy, local spirits cults, etc. Her main passions are travelling — on wings, rails or waves —, photography and hyperspicy food. 

heather lee

Heather Lee

Heather Lee is a digital media artist based in Singapore. Her work can be found on Instagram where it is curated at @tofubros; more helpfully, it can be bought from outlets such as Society6Megafash, and Naiise. She is afraid of what hides in the dark and bruises easily. 

caryn ong

Caryn Ong

Caryn is your average 11 year old — who loves taking pictures, watching YouTube videos, & may be the only kid whose fave food is the carrot.  

Ling Teo

Ling Teo

Lawyer, educator, author, culinary enthusiast, super-caffeinated HIIT addict with a black belt in tsundoku, Ling Teo attempts to channel the voices in her head and her observation of the everyday into coherent bits of creative writing. In her spare time, she keeps one eye on the goings-on in the technology and media law space, one on the arts and culture scene in Singapore, and her third eye (at the back of her head) on her students in the classroom. If she had time for a pet, it would be a Little Owl. 



Inspiring polyglot. A reverse R, who understands mathematics, but not quite love and/or liberty. 



PAYNK is an illustrator, born in China and living in Singapore since the age of two. Graduated from Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, Design and Media, with a BFA Honors in Visual Communications, PAYNK has a strong foundation in traditional drawing, and exposure to the colourful world of design and fashion. PAYNK prefers to work with inks and paper, but is no stranger to digital mediums and whacky installations.

Her style is ever-changing yet distinct, cute but naughty. You may find secret messages in her works. Nature and the female form are her main sources of inspiration.

PAYNK is a peanut-butter and almond addict. 


Khairi Danish

Khairi is currently an undergraduate in Developmental Psychology in the UK, with interests in the formative years of children, language acquisition, and pedagogy. Other interests include philosophy, literature, anime, science fiction, comics, and linguistics. With music in the background, unexpected life experiences, and the constant wonder of whether anything is truly conclusive, he writes as a form of catharsis — to create a world of his own away from dilemmas that was, is, and will be. 



Lilith is a monolingual Peranakan Singaporean, from a maternal ethnic Chinese lineage that spoke Malay and Hokkien, not Mandarin. She comes forged from Hellfire, has been described as some kind of journalist and, in the words of Bob Dylan (cranked up by Rage Against the Machine), does not want to work on Maggie’s farm no more.

Joe Linker

Joe Linker

Joe Linker has written three novels, Penina’s LettersCoconut Oil, and Alma Lolloon, and a children’s book, Scamble and Cramble: Two Hep Cats and Other Tall Tales.  A fourth book, Saltwort is a collection of poetical writings. Shorter works have appeared in BerfroisQueen Mob’s TeahouseThe Christian Science MonitorThe Oregonian, Glasgow Review of BooksRocinanteThe Sultan’s SealSingapore Review of BooksVerseTypeMiriam’s WellSilent Quicksand, and at The Coming of the Toads. Joe attended El Camino College and California State University at Dominguez Hills, earning a BA in English, with a minor in 20th Century Thought and Expression, and an MA in English, while putting in six years in the Army California National Guard (wheeled & track vehicle mechanic, 140th Engineers, Manhattan Beach). Two decades of adjunct work (St Clements School, CSUDH, Portland Community College, Clark College, Concord Career College, Warner Pacific College) bookend 25 years in what Han-shan called the “red dust” of business (Farmers Group). Joe was a Hawthorne Fellow at the Attic Institute of Arts and Letters from April to August, 2012. He’s been the Poetry Editor at Queen Mob’s Teahouse from April, 2019. 

brinda gulati

Brinda Gulati

Brinda Gulati is currently pursuing an MA in Writing. She is a body activist, and a strong advocate for mental health awareness which finds a creative outlet in most of her works. She has most notably been published in The SundayTimesBerfrois and Entropy Magazine. Her Instagram handle is @brindagulati